Ever hire the “wrong” person? Sure you have. How did that work out?! If that person held a “key” role in the company’s structure it can really cripple you, can’t it? Then you have to go thru the entire trial and error process all over again until you find a person who better fits the role. Sometimes it takes multiple trials to get the right person, doesn’t it? (Or do you end up and “settle” for somebody that is OK, but isn’t truly great, just because it seems you have no other choice?)

What we see is that hiring mistakes can cause roofing contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits and even lost customers. Based on the contractors we have talked to, almost all of whom have a horror story to tell, this is no exaggeration.

It doesn’t have to be!

Roof Management has partnered with a human behavior expert/business consultant Skip Murray of Murray Associates to help you Hire Smart. Utilizing our expertise with roofing service departments to help build a great job description and Murray’s expertise in using hi-tech software to evaluate an individual’s ability to fit a specific job function, you can put an end to the trial and error process and help insure that you will know who you are really getting and how well they can perform, before you even hire them. (Download a sample report at the link shown below).

Get it right the first time! Hire Smart!

Click Here to Get A Sample Report and Discover What You Have Been Missing

The report you can download above is 15 pages long. On the last page there are 13 key categories of behavioral and motivational indicators. This is a sample report and the specific categories presented for you will vary as the job description and responsibilities we set up dictate.

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