houseBill Baley, President,
C.I. Services, Inc. Mission Viejo, CA

“As a 20 year member, Board member and Past President of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA), I can fully endorse Mr. Greg Hayne as a qualified, well-versed educator, speaker and motivator for the Roofing and Waterproofing industry. His seminars are highly informative and motivating and his use of real world examples and experiences really drive home the need for constantly improving yourself and your business. I would recommend Greg to any organization looking to enhance their member’s experiences and education within this industry. You will be glad you chose him.”

houseTracey Donels, Service Manager
KPost Company, Dallas, TX

“We all know the importance of a coach while learning any skill, and business is no different. Since having Greg Hayne as a coach I have found myself and my business improve as he has given me the guidance, the encouragement and the wisdom that a great coach passes onto his pupils. I would recommend Greg to any roofing professional looking to make the next push in their business.”

houseKyle King, VP Service Division
Snyder Roofing/SR Building Svs. Seattle, WA

“Committing to the operation of a Service Division at any level takes significant energy. Greg presents all the “must have” qualities of a successful Service Division in an energetic and very informative way. I haven’t sat in a contractor seminar and agreed with a presenter more than I did with Greg in a very long time.”

houseMike Phinney, President
Phinney Industrial Roofing, Columbus, OH

“Everything you tell us to do works.”

houseChad Westbrook, Dir. of Nat. Sales
The Holland Group, McHenry, IL

“Before I had Roof Management implement their training programs, I struggled with gaining consistency throughout my offices. Greg was able to, not only, teach the processes, but relate them to each group (sales, service and admin) to where my employees walked out a team. The techniques taught were clearly defined and ex- plained in a way that each employee could feel confident in the direction of our company and vision. I would highly recommend Roof Management to any growing company looking to be among the top of their regional competitors.”

houseChris Barnet, VP/Managing Partner
Empire Roofing Co of GA, Austell, GA

“I met Greg a few years ago and was immediately struck by his passionate and very knowledgeable ideas regarding the roofing service industry. This is reflected in his approach and his extraordinary communication skills only add to the value of his presentations. I highly recommend any observation that he is willing to share.”

houseChris Sutton, President
Rackley Roofing Company, Inc. Carthage, TN

“As a new owner of an existing business, it has been difficult for me to put a lot of trust in those around me. After hiring Greg Hayne with Roof Management to train myself and my staff, Greg has become a trusted mentor to assist me in getting my bearings on this endeavor. The initial training Mr. Hayne provided us helped me gain a better understanding of each person in my team, as well as a better understanding of how everyone can work together seamlessly. Each employee has been able to learn something on how best to interact with the other employees, and how be more efficient in the workplace. Since the training, Greg has helped our team generate better documentation for our customers. We’ve had several compliments on our documentation since we’ve made the changes Mr. Hayne suggested. We’ve even had instances of clients telling us we should charge them more based on the information they are now receiving. On a personal level, Greg has helped me with any questions I’ve had during the course of operations, and follows up with me on a consistent basis. He has been a great asset to my company and to me personally.”