Although Creating Great Service is a training program and when we come in for the initial day of training what we do certainly is training, calling Creating Great Service a training program is incomplete. Our commitment to you extends well beyond that first day of training.

Building a service department is not a “snap shot”, it is more of a movie. Whatever questions or implementation challenges you face the day after we leave your office should be quite different than those you are dealing with six months down the road. We need to (and will) be there to help along the way. It takes time to make changes and discover how to best implement new ideas or update approaches, even if though the new ways are easier.

We providing ongoing support, at a mutually agreed pace, as needed. To enhance this support, Greg has received formal training from the International Coaching Federation (the coaching world’s version of ASTM) and is becoming a “credentialed” (certified) coach. So, support sometimes takes the form of formal coaching sessions with key management and staff. We do what needs to be done to move the process forward.

This is where we provide the most value.

Greg is like a rock; reliable, intentional and willing to do what he says he will do. — 360 REACH