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February 6-8, 2018
Future seminars TBA.


June 10 – 12, 2018
Courses to be announced.


June 27 – 29, 2018
Courses to be announced.


“How To Start (or Grow) a True Service Department Part 1 – What You Need to Know That You Don’t Know”

Even when the intent is there, most roofers do not make the progress they could when trying to grow their service departments because their approach is fundamentally flawed.  This presentation will focus on highlighting the true challenges a company faces, not those they think they face, in starting or growing a true service department.


“How To Sell Preventative Maintenance (And Why You Need To)”

Service work can be very profitable, but preventative maintenance work can be much more so.  Yet most contractors struggle when it comes to selling preventative maintenance.   This training will first make very clear why you need to be selling preventative maintenance, but will mainly be focused on how to do so successfully.  We will share proven techniques that absolutely will work for you.


How You Run Your Business: Capitalize on the Changing World

To say that our world is changing is to be redundant. This presentation will do two things: First, it will explain exactly what and where these changes are coming from and what you as a contractor can do to begin to get ahead of the curve. Secondly, it is going to point to one of the most important things you can do to deal with the coming changes….you need a coach.