Our Training is Set Up in Two Phases.

On-Site Training

First, we teach you and your in-office staff how a service department “should” run. This includes time addressing your specific situation, problems and questions. We also spend a portion of the day with your service crews, making sure they know everything they really need to know….including how to take proper photos and otherwise properly document their work. We spend most of the day with the rest of the service department’s staff, everyone from administrative, to support, to sales and management.

Customer Service

A service department is supposed to be about “service” and this involves customer interaction. Whether it is before, during or after a sale is made, customer interactions occur. Today’s customers are becoming much more knowledgeable and have higher expectations than those “back-in-the-day.” Unfortunately, most roofing contractor service department’s have not changed to meet the changing times. This is an area where every contractor can get better and most can get much better. We will not only address this thoroughly, but will show you how you can raise the bar and stand out from your competitors.

Preventative Maintenance

Every contractor has had the experience of going up on a roof to make a repair and, while fixing the hole, discovers other deficiencies that really need to be addressed too. He submits a proposal to the owner to fix these and, low and behold(!), the owner doesn’t do the work. Some contractors have had this happen so much that they don’t even bother to submit proposals anymore! Service work is very profitable, but preventative maintenance should be even more so. In the training you will learn how to effectively sell preventative maintenance. We will show you exactly how we present it to our building owner clients and even our most “frugal” owners do it. (It isn’t hard. You just have to know how to present it.) But how do you find new companies to sell your services to?


(”Marketing” seems like an ugly word to most roofers). Most roofers have no “marketing program” at all. As part of the training we will teach you how you can inexpensively and effectively market your services to expand your customer base….with a minimum investment of your time and money.

Best Practices

Included with all of these is what we call “best practices”. We let you know what the best of the best are doing and why.

Phase 2: Continued Support

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